Many visitors to Essaouira find the shopping here much more enjoyable than in Marrakech and other towns. In general, the shopkeepers tend to be less pushy and prices more realistic (this is not always the case, but is more likely, especially in the less touristic areas).

There are all sorts of great things to buy – at prices way below what one would pay in the UK – including:

  • jewellery, especially silver (including filigree work) from the jewellery souk
  • colourful Safi pottery
  • hand-made throws and woollen blankets
  • raffia and leather shoes and bags
  • beautiful inlaid thuya wood objects
  • argan oil and products
  • spices
  • colourful, comfortable and stylish Moroccan slippers (babouches)
  • carpets of all sizes and styles – new and vintage
  • hand-made tiles, including glazed/fired mosaic tiles and pressed cement/encaustic tiles.

Essaouira’s economy is highly dependent on tourism, and many of the products on offer are manufactured locally by small enterprises. So the stuff you buy can really help keep Morocco’s crafts and artisanal traditions alive.

Even if all you do is fill the space a t-shirt would take up in your luggage with something beautiful from Essaouira, you’ll have made a big difference to this town’s future. So don’t forget – leave your wardrobe in Morocco!