Leave Your Wardrobe in Morocco is an initiative of Project 91, a small charity in Essaouira, Morocco. Project 91 was set up by the owners of a small holiday rental property in Essaouira’s beautiful old medina, called Dar 91.

Our aim is to support the employment and development of young people (boys and girls) in Essaouira (and its hinterland), particularly by:

• Helping families support their children through education and into employment

• Sponsoring work experience and vocational training

• Providing artistic/creative opportunities for children and young people

• Providing micro-loans to young people to help them gain new skills, buy equipment or otherwise improve their employability.

What we do: some examples

We are contributing towards the costs of schooling (books, travel, clothes and accommodation) for K, a boy from a village near El Henchane (on the road to Marrakech) who was top of his class in primary school but whose family struggles because his dad is disabled and cannot, therefore, bring home much money. Kamal is very bright and continues to do well now he’s at high school – where he boards during the week because it’s too far to walk back and forth every day.

We are sending N, a 12 year old girl from our district, to after-school classes, including French. N is far from academic and she recently failed the school year for the second year running. We are now paying for her to start a vocational course – she thinks she’d like to do cooking.

H lives on our street and is a single mother of six children, several of whom have ended up in prison and with drink/drug problems. She is in the process of divorcing her alcoholic husband. We are helping her with small hardship grants and have organised training to help her find work as a cleaner for hotels and/or European houseowners. She has recently started occasional shifts with a local riad.

Where does the campaign fit in?

The idea behind Leave Your Wardrobe In Morocco is that if you bring any unwanted clothes or other items with you on holiday, you can leave them with us and we’ll sell them at our shop, Mashi Mushki – with 100% of the sale price going directly to Project 91.

If you’re staying at Dar 91, just leave the stuff with Hakim or Naima; if you’re staying elsewhere, you could bring them along to the shop…it’s at 89-91 Rue Chbanat, Essaouira (entering the medina through Bab Doukkala, turn left, follow the road round to the right and you’ll find us where the road widens, just opposite the fountain)…or give them to your hotel manager, who can arrange for us to pick them up.

All this will leave you with plenty of space in your bags, to fill up with fabulous Moroccan things that you otherwise might not be able to fit in!!

By the way you can also bring small toys, pencils, pens, exercise books etc and we can distribute them locally. We also collect toothbrushes and toothpaste for our oral hygiene project in the countryside.

Who’s backing the campaign?

Dar 91

Chez Rebecca

Stanley Chow

Riad Remmy

Hotel Lalla Mira

Dar Qawi

Dar Ronde

Casa Guapa de Tamuziga

Castles in the Sand

Villa Tazmin

For information about the campaign and our charitable work, send us an email or give us a call on 00 44 (0)161 832 3209.